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This site is intended for anyone interested in the plants of the genera Pelargonium and Monsonia of the Geranium family. In nature, these plants often coexist with each other.

Descriptions of the species, subspecies and interspecific hybrids of pelargoniums are presented.  These are accompanied by photographs of these plants grown in culture or found in the wild in their native South Africa and Namibia. Taxonomy follows currently accepted classification.

On the site there is Forum, bringing together fans of these plants not only from Russia, but also from other countries. On the forum the species of both genera, Pelargonium interspecific hybrids, cultivation and propagation of these plants are discussed.

To develop this resource everyone who loves these amazing plants can share their experience, knowledge, impressions, photos. You will get pleasure from communicating with like-minded people and learn a lot about these unusual and beautiful plants. You can write posts on the Forum in your own language. To participate in the Forum you need to register

There are also unique galleries (catalogues) thanks to our members who have provided photos of Pelargonium species and their hybrids. 

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Catalogues of Pelargonium species, Monsonia species and Pelargonium species hybrids are constantly updated with new information and photos.

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About illustrations on this page.
The top two-the work of South African artists; left – Pelargonium sabulosum, Leigh Voigt, right – Monsonia vanderietiae, Ellaphie Ward-Hilhorst from the book Craib, C. & Lavranos, J. the Bushman Candles.
The lower two illustrations are made by South African botanical artist Gillian Condy. The left one - Pelargonium trifoliolatum, on the right - Pelargonium nephrophyllum (both pictures from the book Craib, C., Geophytic Pelargoniums).